Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ignore what we said yesterday

It's official. We've reached that point in the health care debate where blind opposition to various aspects of health care has degraded to the point where you aren't even going to be required to stay consistent on an hour-to-hour or day-to-day basis. I'm disappointed, I had $100 bucks on this happening a month ago.

But, as MediaMatters illustrates, it's better late than never. From the assorted press releases from the office of Minority Leader Mitch McConnell
Dec. 6: Cutting Medicare is not what Americans want
And despite the inherent bullshit involved in that lie, when it became clear that, as a compromise, that Democrats were discussing the possibility of opening up Medicare to people at age 55 plus some other things in lieu of a public option, came this:
Dec. 7: Expanding Medicare ‘a plan for financial ruin’
So....do nothing? Or is there a press release also attacking Democrats for doing nothing?

Gentlemen, do you see what happens when you try to make an actual policy argument? You contradict yourself and look like asses all within a 24 hour period. Just stick to " is going to kill grandma". It works if they're going to cut benefits, keep benefits the same, or add people into the system. All could potentially kill grandma. In horrifically painful ways. Don't get into the merits of this idea or that idea, just focus on highlighting what has worked thte best: the Democrats unending obsession with liquidating pensioners.

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