Thursday, December 10, 2009

Southern justice

South Carolina Panel Rejects Impeachment of Governor
A South Carolina legislative subcommittee decided Wednesday not to recommend the impeachment of Gov. Mark Sanford, saying that his secret trip to Argentina and extramarital affair did not meet the state constitutional standard of “serious crimes or serious misconduct.” The panel instead opted to recommend a formal reprimand of Mr. Sanford.

The matter now goes to the full House Judiciary Committee, which is to meet next Wednesday and could still vote to send an impeachment resolution to the House floor. But the subcommittee’s 6-to-1 decision seemed to make such a development unlikely.
Some of you might be confused as to how a man can do what he did and stave off anything but a verbal reprimand from the authorities. See, that's because you're applying logic to this situation. You thought this was a legal process when it was actually it's a giant experiment in the process of elimination. A comprehensive study to see just how much can one get away with and retain the governorship of his state. Apparently philandering, embezzlement of state funds and dereliction of duty just doesn't cut it. But, with a hefty grant from the Chubb Group and further scientific study, God willing we'll soon we'll have a handle on just what you have to do to get kicked out of office in the South.

As for Sanford, he'd have commented on his political salvation but he was too busy celebrating on the Appalachian Trail. For real this time.

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