Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quotes of the day

It's a common complaint from liberal agitators, mother's basement dwelling bloggers, communist sympathizers, America haters, Marxist-Leninists, child molesters, socialist commentators, TV hosts, and other assorted dregs of society, that President Obama is a tad, shall we say... different, than candidate Obama. That he prefers to take a more needlessly conservative, needlessly compromising, weak stances on issues he campaigned passionately about and that people voted for.

But few of these complaints have come from actual Democratic lawmakers. That is until Judiciary Committee Chairman and Michigan Rep. John Conyers got his "crotchety old man" dander all up and decided to introduce the President to his woodshed for complaining to him about criticism.
“Calling in generals and admirals to discuss troop strength is like me taking my youngest to McDonald’s to ask if he likes french fries,” Conyers said.
“I’ve been saying I don’t agree with him on Afghanistan, I think he screwed up on healthcare reform, on Guantánamo and kicking Greg Craig off,”
The Michigan Democrat, a friend of liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, said he was “getting tired of saving Obama’s can in the White House,” after progressive Democrats were forced to vote for a healthcare bill that did not call for a “robust public option”
Conyers also said last month that Obama was “getting bad advice from … clowns” on Afghanistan.
This after calling Obama's Afghanistan strategy "embarrassingly naive" and saying that he was "bowing down to every nutty right-wing proposal about health care".

I think I really like John Conyers. It's nice that someone is pointing out the multitude of shit sandwiches that have rolled down the line that we've been expected to take big bites out of in the name of.... whatever. But I'm sorry John, complaining about progressive and liberal opinions on legislation? Maybe if you guys, I don't know, stood on principle and threatened to bail if you didn't get your way (you know, like the Blue Dogs and "centrists" always do to get their way), you might actually get some lefty pinko ideas passed.

But I digress. Mr. Conyers, may you continue to walk around the halls of government like a latter day Fred Sanford, rapping people on the head and calling them dummy. What with climate change, jobs, and financial reforms coming up, you'll have plenty of opportunities.

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