Friday, December 18, 2009

Your daily reminder of how this country works

A plan to attempt to provide American's with better health coverage at a cost of $90 billion a year? My God man, it'll takes month and months of soul sucking compromise, delays, and failures just to get to a point where it's passage still isn't assured until they hash out whether or not women have right's to their own bodies in this country.

A $626 billion dollar bill for Defense this year that doesn't even count our two wars? Walk right this way sir, we're sorry for any delay you might have had. Can we kick this dirty health care nonsense out of the way so we can get to you? Good. How are the wife and kids?
The Senate cleared a crucial hurdle early Friday, voting to end debate on a bill that combined all that remained of this year's congressional agenda – except for health care.

Anchored by a $626 billion Pentagon funding bill, the measure also carries short-term extensions of unemployment benefits, highway and transit funding, key pieces of the anti-terror Patriot Act and a measure to save doctors from shouldering a 21 percent cut in Medicare payments.
Whew! That was a close one. Defense contractors almost didn't get their money on time. That would have been a catastrophe this country could not bear. Thank God they realized that time was of the essence.

Our thing, on the other hand? Yeah... they'll have to get back to us on that. Apparently Joe Lieberman wants his name emblazoned on the flag now. So rest easy, Democrats can't come together to agree on health care, but they can come together to agree that funding wars is awesome. I think we're all proud of them.

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