Friday, December 18, 2009

Video of the day

I know you've probably seen this, but doesn't this just make the sun shine a little brighter?

Sure, Lieberman still killed two separately effective parts of he health care bill that would have lowered costs for Americans and seemed to do it purely out of spite, and all that happened here was that Al Franken politely told him to shut his fucking mouth during something that was completely unimportant, but doesn't this make it all a little better? Well, as long as you're healthy and get your health care from work it should make you feel better.

How about Al Franken though? Between this, the anti-rape bill, schooling people on medical bankruptcies, his various and sundry fights on the Senate floor over health care, his correspondence with John Ashcroft, and this Supply Side Jesus cartoon he wrote, he's quickly become one of my favorite Senators. Shame that other Senators aren't this entertaining, it would at least make all the inaction and failing more palatable.

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