Monday, December 14, 2009

He is up there!

Earlier today I lamented over the fact that our wished and prayers for physical harm to come to Joe Lieberman had been, as yet, unanswered by God. I noted that it was proof that we had been praying to the wrong God. Well, thanks to the hard work of Italian scientists, we now have an idea which God it is we need to pray to. How do we know? Because Italy's long standing prayers to see Silvio Berlusconi get what's coming to him have come true. Motherfucker got decked in the face.
Silvio Berlusconi said today it was a miracle that he was not blinded by the attack in central Milan last night that left him with a broken nose, two missing teeth and a cut lip.

The Italian Prime Minister was struck in the face with a marble statuette of the Duomo cathedral by a man with a history of mental problems who had managed to penetrate his double ring of security police.
A marble statue of a cathedral. It's the little details that count.

So I say we call up Italy and ask politely which God they prayed to made this happen. Sure, I'm more of a biblical type violence person, but if our elected betters own conscience, the media, voters, or the basic human decency isn't going to cause them to act with any regard towards the country, then a divinely inspired, mentally deranged man wielding a religious building as a weapon might.

C'mon Italy, was is Baal, Gozer, Anubis, or Muslim God? I have it narrowed down to those four.

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