Friday, December 11, 2009

How Godly of you

Remember that whole business about "America's pastor" Rick Warren not being able to actually come out and condemn a bill in Uganda, written by people who were affiliated with and had done seminars for his church, that essentially made being gay a crime punishable by imprisonment, reeducation, and death? Well, it turns out that if enough newspapers and TV shows mention something, that spirit of the Lord will come rushing out of you in an attempt to mitigate PR damage. So speaketh Rick:
Addressed directly to the pastors of Uganda, Warren's video message said he "completely oppose[s] and vigorously condemn[s]" the bill.

Warren also defensively suggested he would prefer to work behind the scenes, but he was forced to go to the media due to accusations that he was associated with the effort in Uganda. He said "this terrible bill" is "unjust, it's extreme, and it's un-Christian."
Ah yes, this reminds me of what Jesus said: "And yea, if some of your supporters and people you have associated with do something that is in my name yet also politically worrisome, do not condemn them. Only admit that it is wrong if said political pressure and scrutiny at your carefully crafted image becomes so great that you may no longer hide, as the schoolgirl does under her bed."

"Then, and not before then, will thee decry what you could not previously decry. But take caution and remember to blame the media, claiming that you were actually doing something in secret that you totally couldn't talk about, and that they just totally ruined it. So sayeth the Lord."

Well done, Rick. Truly as the Lord Himself would have done it.

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