Friday, December 11, 2009

Funny joke of the day

Copenhagen draft accord reached
A draft accord presented by the chair of a working group at the key U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen suggested Friday that developed countries as a whole should aim for a maximum reduction of 45 percent in their greenhouse gas emissions compared with 1990 levels by 2020.

The draft, a copy of which was obtained by Kyodo News, stipulates that industrialized countries will undertake actions to mitigate climate change with a view to reducing their collective greenhouse gas emissions by at least 25 to 40 percent, or in the order of 30, 40 and 45 percent levels. The figures are bracketed, indicating these are pending.
Good one, scientists. That's hilarious. I'm sure everyone will take your studied expertise, your extensive calculations, your climate modeling, and your projections seriously and really move forward on seriously addressing this problem in a way that was laid out by the world's foremost experts. LOLerskates.

Get a load at the Senate bill Kerry is proposing: 17% percent cuts. And that's the absolute best case, "oh my God, it's a miracle", how did that happen, shoot the proton torpedo into the exhaust port, one in a million scenario. It actuality it will be much less. If fact there's a greater that 17% chance that the bill will include a provision to burn all of America's spare tires on the Mall in Washington.

So we're sorry, Copenhagen scientists, we really are. I know this is largely our fault and you're trying to come up with serious ideas an plans, but we're just going to have to pass. Who has time to think about the future when the naked political calculations of today have to be made? Good luck at the next conference though, I'm sure you'll come up with another scientifically valid set of numbers that we couldn't possibly implement. Can't hardly wait.

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