Monday, December 7, 2009

Chart of the day

What is this? Well, it's something you have to expand to an absurd degree to even comprehend. Frankly, you need an epic powerpoint presentation to have it make sense to you. It's our escalation counter insurgency strategy and it has more arrows in it than Custer's chest. Yes, it's an exact diagram of why our new strategy in Afghanistan, unlike all the others that came before it, is going to succeed.

On one hand, I'm at least glad it's complicated and filled with phrases like "Influence neutral-minded individuals to adopt a supportive disposition". It certainly best the Bush era power point display of "Put troops in ---> win". On the other hand, if this is the complex web of plans we have to successfully negotiate just to have a shot at success....then wouldn't all those billions be better spent just instead building some colossal monument to futility? Ah well, just take solace in the fact that someone in our government put together this complex orgy of arcane sentences and meandering arrows, then sat back and said to himself "You genius, this makes perfect sense."

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