Friday, December 4, 2009

Arlen Specter's raging hard-on for socialism

The health care debate has brought us many grimly hilarious revelations about the specific way with which our legislative branch has caught fire and is burning to the ground, taking all of us down with it. But there is one man out there valiantly fighting for all that is just and right: committed socialist and leftist agitator Arlen Specter, who went after Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins over the public option.
The trio spoke at an event in support of a cost containment amendment to the health care bill that they hope to introduce shortly. About 15 minutes in, though, Specter, who's tacked significantly to the left since he switched into the Democratic party, put his colleagues on the spot about their public option opposition.

"I continue to support a robust public option," Specter said. "There are differences on that, and my two colleagues have expressed their own reservations."
Specter went on: "And when Senator Lieberman talks about single payer, I think he's putting his finger on the pulse of it. That's what people have concluded [but] the public option isn't single payer, and it is not going to add to the deficit, it's going to be a level playing field. So I would like everyone to read the fine print and [for my colleagues] to re-read the fine print."
Oooh, collegial Senate burn! "Re-read the fine print" is the Senatorial equivalent of "Get fucked and die, you hatchet faced cretins."

But it's nice to see Senator Specter so committed to the left fringes that he'll publicly call out the actual dishonesty in both Collins and Lieberman's arguments. Funny though, if his re-nomination for the GOP ticket hadn't been such a longshot and he didn't have to switch parties, he'd probably would have taken to the Senate floor to rail about how Obamacare would have ensured his death at the hands of cancer. Odd what the threat of having to get a real job and a Democratic primary challenge does for one's ideological commitments. God bless the integrity and decency of the world's greatest deliberative body. Thanks for being afraid enough to cheaply pander to us, Arlen. We appreciate it.

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