Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nelson to Orwell: eat shit, amateur!

Ben Nelson, on why he decided to take the least controversial and most stimulative portions of the stimulus bill and decided to make cuts.
Q: Do you agree, or how do you respond to Paul Krugman in the New York Times who said that centrists have done their best to “make the plan weaker and worse?”

NELSON: Well, first of all, they’re not cuts. Let’s just get that up front. These are adjustments downward from numbers that were offered by the House in their version and by the Senate in its version.
Ah yes, America's entry for the both the Semantic Olympics and our first non-Bush related entry of the year for the Oxford English Dictionary of Newspeak. He didn't 'cut', that's such a violent word. He just adjusted some numbers downward and some of those numbers got adjusted downward to zero. Where would you get some crazy idea that would have any relation to 'cutting'?

This is the intellect that led the Senate "centrist" effort. Thanks Nebraska!

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