Sunday, February 1, 2009

Distraction Junction

Five hours left. Tired of reading about Kurt Warner's personal relationship with Jesus. Did you hear that Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm used to be coaches for the Steelers? That Larry Fitzgerald is from another planet? That Hines Ward injured his knee a couple of weeks back? Me either, but Matthew and I are working tirelessly to confirm these reports.

Must kill time. Given that there is no shortage of Steelers fans poking around TheseBastards, I figure I should at least attempt to provide distraction. This is more for me than any of you, but feel free to read anyway. Time for some linkage.

One of the smarter gents on the Intarw3bz, Atrios, picks the Steelers.

Pretty funny CNN interview with Christian Lander, creator of Stuff White People Like.

Also important sporting event: Nadal beats Federer in five sets to win the Australian Open.

Joe Lieberman, supporter of torture, thinks waterboarding is fucking hilarious.

Ann Curry has no business talking about football.

New RNC Chairman Michael Steele enjoys the distinction of being the only man to assume the post after having endured an "Oreo Cookie Incident."

For those of you keeping score at home, Steele also coined that "Drill Baby Drill" bullshit.

Courtesy of Mondesi's House, a collection of Steelers motivational videos.

Back to the whiskey. Large Benjamin loves Jesus more than you. James Harrison is the dominant Silverback. Hines Ward doesn't need no stinkin' knee. The Cardinals are a sucker bet. As you were.

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