Friday, December 4, 2009

For Jesus

Because He's the reason for the Season, Jesus is getting a lot of press recently. He's also getting his name dropped a lot by our elected betters in order to justify whatever it is they want at the moment. Like Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) who has read the bible at least twice and knows for certain that Jesus would be opposed to the permanent extension of the estate tax the House just passed.
Now, after someone dies and someone comes in and steals from them, we consider that in most society reprehensible. … But when the government comes in, because we have the power to pass laws and legalize theft that otherwise would be considered reprehensible, it’s okay. But it is not okay. … Jesus never advocated the government go steal. He said ‘you do it. Do it with your own money, don’t steal it from somebody else.’ And that is why this should not pass.
I believe it was in the Gospel of Paul where Jesus said "And lo my Father was set to let me inherit the earth. But I said to Him 'Father, this is a valuable thing and thus Rome will tax it at a rate of 45%, crippling my small carpentry business. Let the meek inherit it, for they are stupid and will not understand the immense personal freedoms of theirs that are being crushed.'"

Then I believe he said to Luke "Listen man, why does the fuckin' government gotta be so hostile to small business? No, shut up Saul, this isn't about me bitching 'cause I'm not gonna inherit as much as I thought I was. Fuck off with that 'It doesn't affect 99.8% of estates' shit, you fucking bookworm. I'm talking about freedom man. Fuck it's hot out, this climate change shit is also a scam."

So now you know: Jesus was opposed to the estate tax. He probably hated the fuck out of capital gains taxes as well, but I haven't been able to find the passages.

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