Tuesday, June 1, 2010

That kicky, footy, sport thing

I'll say this for ESPN, while their inevitable coverage of the World Cup will invariably include chortling studio nitwits poorly analyzing games and bad American commentators who don't really understand the sport calling the games, they do know how to set up a good video series promoting the World Cup. That series would be I Scored a Goal In the FIFA World Cup Final, in which both winners and losers from World Cup Final matches talk about what the sport means to them, what the experience was like, and what it felt like to score both at the time and after. It's quite well done.

Embedded below are the parts that revolve around Martin Peters 1966 goal for England and Paul Breitner's 1974 goal for West Germany. Breitner seems pretty pissed, but he actually won. And scored. He's just really German.

Give the whole series a look. Sure it's mostly Brazilians, Argentinians, and Italians being interviewed, but someday they'll be interviewing an American about what it was like to score in a cup final. That day will be whenever it is most of the good soccer nations are felled by a mysterious disease in the week before a World Cup starts. God willing, it'll be this year. USA! USA! USA!

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