Friday, June 11, 2010

Science for kids

So you've been wondering how to explain to your kids the wonders of science and how a bunch of scientists on the French/Swiss border are going to open up a black hole, ending life as we know it in a vainglorious attempt to kill God. Do you attempt to dumb down some heady scientific text on the Large Hadron Collider? Do you hope that some shred of scientific fact is allowed onto major network TV or cable news? Or do you just wait for the episode where Elmo and the Cookie Monster explain Higgs-Boson particles and superconductors?

Well wait no more. In an attempt to explain the Large Hadron Collider to kids.... and essentially every adult without a physics degree, Emma Sanders and Anton Radevsky have written Voyage to the Heart of Matter, a pop-up book that explains the LHC, it's layout, the various machines, and exactly in what detail science plans to kill our Creator.

And just in case the little monster you've spawned tries to slam your efforts to enlighten their dumb ass with some business about the book not getting the sheer magnitude of the machines right, you just tell that wretched shrieking creature that "The scale of the particle accelerator and various machines within the book is exact, you awful little shit. Now shut up and learn about science or I'll lock you in the cupboard again."

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