Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Outrage: averted

Now that we beat our hated enemy Algeria with a OHNOOHNOOHNOMOOOVERUNCROSSFUCK...... YESDONOVANQWMNRTZFKJGOAL!!!!!!! USA USA USA stoppage time goal, we're allowed to all look at this picture without angrying up the blood:

That's Dempsey's disallowed goal... which was valid. Again.

I know the world didn't much care for us during... the entirety of the Bush years, but you think they would choose to punish us for Dubya through something other than disallowing valid soccer goals we score from inside the box. Maybe they don't understand we like other sports waaay more. Anyway, we win the group, bugger all to England, eat it Algeria (seriously, you had to win by 2+ to advance and you played for a tie? This is why you got fucked over by the French of all countries), fuck you Slovenia... Slovakia... which one was it again? Onward to the winner of Group D.

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