Friday, June 18, 2010

Your national outrage of the day

Koman Coulibaly, a referee from Mali, costs the US a victory against Slovenia. MALI!!!! MUST YOU CONTINUE TO BE THE BANE OF OUR SPORTING EXISTENCE?!

We at the TB Sporting Bureau would wish ills upon Mali, but we're not sure they could discern this new ill from all previous and current ills. We say invade. We heard that Mali recently sought to procure significant amounts of uranium from... um... Africa? Yeah... somewhere else in Africa. Send in the tanks, Obama.

But aside from the RAMPANT UNLAWFUL SOCCER CONSPIRACY to deny America three points, there was this:

Pfft. Way to play like a man Slovenian goalkeeper Samir Handanovic. More like... Samir... No... Hands... anovic. Samir... Jazz Hands... anovic. Whatever. Eat it Slovenia, your longtime political ally Mali won't be around to bail you out next time.... not that we'll ever play you again in this World Cup.

We wuz robbed.

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