Thursday, June 10, 2010

Omar comin'... with paint

We all love David Simon's HBO masterpiece the Wire. We all love paintball. But for years we've fruitlessly fell to our knees, shook our fists to the sky and scream "WHY! Why can't these two activities be combined in some way?!" The Gods have heard your cries and this Sunday, from 8-11 in the AM, you can play Kima, Carver, Snoop, Slim Charles, Marlo Stanfield, and Omar Little in a game of paintball for the Moving Mountains charity.

Streets vs. the Law. The Law seems a little outnumbered... just like in the show. It also says "characters from the show", so there's an outside chance you'll be playing against Michael K. Williams as Omar Little. After the festivities are over, you'll be treated to a meal, and then your lifeless body will be boarded up in a vacant. Oh indeed.

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