Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chart of the day

I know you've been asking "Matt, name me one way in which the Gulf oil spill could get unimaginably worse." To which I give you this answer: a hurricane.

That's right, a massive hurricane right in the Gulf. To properly scare you even further, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration came up with a chart showing all the hurricanes that have passed directly over the spill area... which, to be fair, constitutes most of the Gulf. Oh yes, this is scientific based fear mongering. The best kind.

click to embiggen

Think it can't get worse than that? How about if some one uses a flamethrower to ignite the oil saturated hurricane and the resulting explosion turns it into a whirling Category 5 hellstorm/malevolent inferno?

OK, that probably can't happen outside of a Roland Emmerich or Michael Bay "film", but then again, a few months back I bet we all thought that a bunch of limeys couldn't possibly ever figure out a way to empty out all the contents of the earth into the Gulf of Mexico. I'm just saying that Hurricane Lucifer is a possibility. Prepare yourself.

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