Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Video of the day

With the recent.... let's call it arglebargle and fooferaw surrounding Israel over that whole "shooting humanitarians, strangling media access, and then blaming the victims" thing, they're not all that popular. Well, more unpopular than usual. So of course one's mind wanders to the most obvious problem arising from these newly (not really) ratcheted up tensions: what of Israel's tourism industry.

So of course Israel could use some good PR to boost the flagging tourist trade that might not want to be caught up in that war we all know is coming or come sailing in on a cruise ship and get their head kicked in by a special forces SWAT team repelling from helicopters. And since Israel's only PR strategy seems to be throat punching anyone who makes eye contact with them, the responsibility to drive international travelers to the Holy Land falls to Peru. Yes Peru.
In the prologue the Delfín, who likes to begin his socially-conscious music videos with similar scenes, is shown relaxing in his living room, watching the news. In this case, the faces on the screen express their doubts about Israel as a tourist destination. “There could be bombs in the street,” one woman says. “It scares me.” The Delfín springs to his feet in outrage at this distortion: “This cannot be!” he cries, and the Andean disco/huayno beat kicks in. “Israel, Israel,” the singers chant in the chorus,

How pretty Israel is!
Israel, Israel
In your lands one day I’ll dance.

I swear to God, despite all the footage of scuba divers, llamas, windmills, creepy old women in catsuits, and the countryside of Peru, that video is about Israel.

Anyway, makes me want to visit Jerusalem... or drop peyote in Lima. Either or.

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