Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's the little moments

Long time readers of this blog know that both Sean and I have a great appreciation for those little moments in our political system when the veil is lifted and we get an awful look into all the horrid things our government does that are viewed as acceptable and standard operating procedure.

You know, like the close, almost overtly sexual relationship between our elected betters and our corporate masters on Wall Street. I say "almost' because I find it hard to believe that these doughy, asexual money creatures could take time out of humping piles of bank notes to start in on each other. Well, that's was before we saw them try to sell front row tickets to the pre-orgy celebration party.
A small Wall Street securities firm has teamed up with a lobbyist for the financial services industry to host an all-day event on June 15 -- right in the middle of the conference committee negotiations over the financial reform bill -- that will feature "the KEY House and Senate Conferees and majority and minority Committee staff, as well as leading financial lobbyists covering interchange, banks and major non-banks affected by so-called Wall Street Reform bill," according to an invitation obtained by TPM.
The other firm helping to organize the event, according to the email invitation, is Federal Advisory LLC. The registered agent for Federal Advisory LLC is Tim Rupli, according to Virginia corporation records. Rupli is a former aide to Tom DeLay and now a high-powered Republican lobbyist for the payday lending industry and the community banks trade association, among other clients.
While the invitation says the event will be on Capitol Hill, it doesn't not specify the exact venue. Rupli's Capitol Hill townhouse on New Jersey Avenue within easy walking distance of the House office buildings next to the Capitol, has been the frequent venue for fund-raising receptions, ranking as the 10th most popular congressional partying spot of 2008.
Aww yeah, come and get down with our financial elite and our government elite. Drinks will be served, party music will be played, and if the mood strikes, you might see Mitch McConnell balls deep in Jamie Dimon before the night is out. Or vice versa. See our leaders physically get it on with banks and financial giants this time, not metaphorically like before. Can you smell the eroticism?

Seems to me to be a waste of money. Why pay to have this get together when government is already doing everything the financial sector wants? Ah well, it's not like these guys are smart with money anyway. I think the past few years have borne that out.

So, if you're up for seeing how things in this country truly work, see pasty white septuagenarian flesh smash together as bizarre opera music plays, and get the stink of Ben-Gay and sex in your nostrils... June 15th at Tim Rupli's is the place. Place your keys in a bowl at the entrance and bring your own creepy masquerade mask. You will be sworn to secrecy at the conclusion of the events you will never be able to unsee, but you'll finally understand how things work. You'll just be killed if you try to explain it. Maybe the haunted look on your face will explain enough.

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