Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Suddenly I'm fond of the teabaggers

You know, for all their crazy backwoods behavior, low rent racism, misspelled signs, complete fundamental misunderstanding of the issues they claimed to care about, the complete co-opting by corporations and the mainstream GOP, and their tragic misappropriation of Colonial and revolutionary trappings, the teabaggers responded to the financial crisis in a rational way.

OK, they didn't. In comparison to Greece they responded to the crisis in a relatively normal way.
Three people were killed in an apparent firebomb attack on a bank in central Athens Wednesday as a massive protest against recent Greek austerity measures turned violent and angry youths rampaged through the city center torching several businesses, smashing shop windows and overturning garbage bins.
The violence Wednesday came as tens of thousands of protesters gathered to demonstrate against the government's recently announced austerity measures in one of the largest protests in recent years, and coincide with a nationwide general strike that has paralyzed the country.

The strike is seen as a key test of the government's ability to shepherd through tough austerity measures in exchange for an €110 billion ($143 billion) bailout loan from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.
Greece is on the precipice of complete financial collapse as a result of the crisis, had to be bailed out by the IMF, conspired with Goldman-Sachs to mask the extent of the problem, and the government took the rather drastic measure of cutting wages for public workers, putting a three-year freeze on pensions, and increasing taxes on fuel, alcohol, and tobacco in order to deal with the IMF loan that might just end up making things worse for Greece in the end.

Kind of makes things like a black President and Congressional Democrats engaging in their Constitutionally mandated duty to pass legislation, seem like kind of a ridiculous thing to get worked up about, doesn't it? On the other hand, the President is really, really black.

So congrats, Tea Party movement. When compared to a country facing much worse financial problems and protesters dealing with it in much more violent ways, you come out smelling like roses. Thanks for only advocating for the burning, shooting, and killing of things you don't like, not actually doing it.

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