Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The teabaggers have turned on their masters

Today is primary day and thus the last day we'll have to see cheaply produced attack ads about subservience to Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama's radical agenda or how some fatcat hates every working person and the start of the first day of having to see expensively produced versions of those same ads. America's wonderful election process moves on.

But with Democrats Arlen Specter and Blanche Lincoln as well as a host of other crazy Republicans who have been deemed "not crazy enough" by the teabagging movement poised to lose their primaries today, don't go thinking that all the basking in the misery of others only happened today. No, you might have missed out on Utah's GOP primary over a week ago, where sitting US Senator Bob Bennett came in a distant third as the Tea Party movement deemed his brand of right wing behavior as lacking that total commitment to unreasonable obstruction and lunacy and took their first of many Republican scalps.

To his fellow Senators, Bennett's defeat was a hallmark of everything that's wrong with the American voting process today: namely a sitting Senator being held to account by his voters in a primary. The outrage! But to those within the Senate GOP, this was a sign that those teabaggers were taking things too far.
Hatch — who has previously warned the Tea Party to start working more closely with the Republican Party — criticized the Tea Party for rallying against Bennett:

HATCH: A lot of these Tea Party people are angry, and I’m angry too. … I mean my gosh, They’re mad. They have a right to be mad and I think these Tea Party people are doing the country a service. But when they don’t have an open mind and they won’t listen, that’s another matter and that’s something I think anybody would find fault with.
The Tea Party doesn't have an open mind and doesn't listen? I thought that's what you prized in them? No? Oh, you don't like it when they use that impotent rage and fury against their masters in the only place they have power: the GOP primaries of intensely Republican states. But I can see why Orrin is mad, even beyond the outrage of a sitting Senator not being re-betrothed his seat like a gilded birthright that the people owe him. I mean how could they have ever foreseen that Frankenstein's monster would inevitably turn on his master? That never happens.

But lest the teabaggers turn on him and force him into a primary like they did his fellow Utah Senator, he wants them to know one thing: Washington... what's that? He's never heard of the place and he's certainly never been there.
INGRAHAM: But aren’t you part of Washington?

HATCH: Hell no. I’ve never been. I’ve never considered this a job. I’ve had, people have asked me, they said, “say Senator Hatch, don’t you just love being a U.S. senator?” My constant answer is this. No, I don’t love it at all, but I’m good at it.
For those of you playing at home, Hatch has been in the Senate for nearly 34 years. Which is longer than either Sean or I have been alive. But he's not a part of Washington. He just fits in well there and should be re-elected. Because he's not a part of it.

Maybe things like primary purity tests are the things you should have thought of when you and your fellow elected betters decided to turn your party over to the Tea Party. Ah well, here's hoping that they gorged themselves on so much meat and blood that when they come for you in the night, they don't have the wherewithal to eat your face, Orrin. I'm sure this strategy will keep them at bay. Good luck with that.

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