Monday, May 17, 2010


According to Sarah Palin "We're all Arizonans now". Which I guess means we all just a tad racist and prefer our cut rate immigration laws to to have the illusion of doing something while adding that special 1930's German tinge that most of our laws are lacking. Hell, we were forced to legalize racial profiling and authorize police to demand your papers and violate the Constitution. You know, because... uhhh... of those... I'm not sure, but I bet the answer is because of Hollywood liberals in Washington.

So, since we're all living just outside Tempe now, I guess we don't find things like this all that funny.
The City of Phoenix -- a convention hot-spot -- is facing a "near economic crisis" caused by lost revenue stemming from organizations canceling events in response to Arizona's controversial immigration law, according to its mayor.
"We have an image and public-relations problem of what might be unprecedented proportions," Krietor told the Arizona Republic.
Haw-Haw. Esto es increíblemente divertida. Maybe things will get so bad that Mexico will have to build a wall to keep Phoenix city government officials from trying to sneak over to find work in a city government that has an operating budget.

Sadly this isn't a reality yet, only an early projection based on some early cancellations. But, they estimate that the city could easily lose $90 million this year just because a few conventions might go "maybe tying our event to a hostile political battle and a seemingly racist state isn't the best thing for the International Convention of Dental Drill Assemblers right now... we've been through too much already."

But already the state and the law supporters are crying foul and getting angry about various boycotts. See, this is a freedom of speech/state sovereignty issue. See, they have the freedom to do whatever they want and no matter how morally/ethically/legally/socially reprehensible you find it, you are required to keep money flowing into their state. There's no backlash allowed. That's how freedom works.

So if you can get over Sarah Palin retroactively reassigning your birth to a small hospital just outside of Nogales and the Arizona pride/Mexican revulsion flowing through your veins, take time to pause and laugh at the Copper State. They honestly didn't see stuff like this coming.

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