Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Count 'em up

It's been a busy few weeks for Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. First he had to cover up all the naughty boobies on the Virginia state seal, then he had to go out and shill for big oil and offshore drilling in the midst of a massive offshore drilling crisis. So you can see how he might be tired out.

But nonetheless he'll be able to take some time off soon. You see he's hired some help to form a committee to reform and streamline government. The problem is, he's hired the guy Nixon used to have around to count Jews. No, seriously.
When former President Richard Nixon became paranoid that the Bureau of Labor Statistics had come under the control of Democrats and a “Jewish cabal,” he ordered adviser Fred Malek to create a list of “important Jewish officials” within the bureau, several of whom were later demoted or transferred. “It was the last recorded act of official anti-Semitism by the United States government,” Slate’s Timothy Noah noted.
Now, right-wing Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) has hired Malek to chair a 31-member commission charged with making recommendations on how to reform government
Anyone want to guess what his first suggestion will be? Something along the lines of esslay ewsjay? At least we'll finally have an accurate count of how the "Jewish cabal" is working in 21st century Virginia.

Just a note to our younger readers out there, who may be thinking about a career in politics or civil service. I know you might want to work for someone or some group that neatly meshes with your beliefs and ideals, but might you consider working for the Republicans? Sure, you probably hate all their policies, but if you work for them there is literally nothing you could ever do to get them to stop hiring you. As the above shows clearly. Sounds like job security to me. Think about it.

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