Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Picture of the day

Yesterday, in part of Fox News's never ending commitment to shill for industry and downplay their mistakes at all opportunities, Brit Hume took time out of his busy days chastising Tiger Woods to become Christian to offer up his brilliant insights into the Gulf oil spill.
WILLIAMS: First of all, don’t you think, this spill now is going to be in excess of what happened with Exxon Valdez.

HUME: Let’s see if that happens. There’s a good question today if you are standing on the Gulf, and that is: Where is the oil?
Well Brit, the oil is all over the fucking Gulf of Mexico. Thankfully NASA has satellites far enough into space that they can actually capture the magnitude of the disaster. Which, for your edification Brit, is far beyond a mere Exxon Valdez or two at this point.

Click to embiggen or click here to even further embiggen.


You'll note that all the murky stuff that' bracketed by azure blue... is the fucking oil. With the darker oilier spots being the parts where it's just pretty much all oil. Rather staggering isn't it?

As a bonus the picture also kindly shows the beginnings of that whole thing we'll be talking about over the next few days: the Gulf Loop Current taking the oil to the Florida Keys and Florida Gulf Coast. Happy times.

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