Monday, May 10, 2010

Cheap Blogging Crutch - 5.10.10

Welcome back, kids, to the Newspaper Replace-O-Matic 3000, your Cheap Blogging Crutch. Sorry that this one was a little late. Matthew and I were frantically pricing World Cup tickets, now that new information has come to light.

News broke over the weekend that Comedy Central has in script development an animated series featuring Jesus Christ as its protagonist. The series will reportedly feature J.C. attempting to "escape his father's enormous shadow and to live life in NYC as a regular guy." has so far been uncharacteristically quiet on this one.

Andrew Sullivan, one of the brightest and most pragmatic theists in the public sphere, calls upon fellow Christians to tear down and rebuild their theological architecture as the church "crumbles into archaism and fundamentalism." Somehow, he completely misses the problem of infinite regression in the process. Yep, it's turtles all the way down, Mr. Sullivan.

2009 saw Isabella become the most popular baby name for American girls. This trend has been dubbed the "Twilight Effect" by the Social Security Administration, which compiles the annual list. Given the enduring popularity of the Twilight series and the corresponding pussification of American youth, Isabella is expected to top next year's list of boy baby names as well. As Carlin said, "soft names make soft people." This country is doomed.

Have You Been Doing Your Kagan Exercises? Television and the noosphere are absolutely lousy with opinions on Barry's nomination of solicitor general Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. As much as we try to avoid self-fellation around here--I prefer women and Matthew just isn't that flexible--I strongly recommend the TheseBastards breakdown.

Finally, I give you the second-best pitching performance of the weekend, Rojo Johnson's debut with the Round Rock Express.

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