Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Immediate failure

Once must applaud the speed at which much heralded House GOP initiatives proceed to immediately fall on their face. The previous record was something in the vicinity of 30 seconds after unveiling. They might have just beat that.
House Republican leadership unveiled a new interactive website on Tuesday which they hailed as "revolutionary" in its democratization of the political process.
On Tuesday morning, GOP leaders unveiled, a website that they pitched as a "giant step forward" towards popularizing the Republican platform. The idea is simple -- allow viewers to suggest legislative remedies that they and others could then debate and vote upon. The top suggestions would, naturally, rise to the top.
Do you see where this is going?
But opening up the process of debate means inviting in uncomfortable voices. Within minutes, a poster on the site suggested repealing Section II of the 1964 Civil Rights Act because it was "UNCONSTITUTIONAL, PROGRESSIVE and HITLER."

That entry has since been shut down by the GOP.
That and numerous other suggestions have had to be shut down by the GOP for reasons ranging from too racist, to too teabaggy, to too racist and already under consideration by GOP leadership, to too hateful, to too obviously illegal. It's almost as if they didn't foresee their own fringe voters pushing politically embarrassing ideas to the forefront of their new "vote on it" website. Senate Republicans have already distanced themselves from the site and are moving to create their own version that isn't so much tainted by the stench of low-grade partisan racism. It's slated to immediately fail a few months from now.

At the very least we did have someone use the name Hitler as a adjective for the very first time in human history. That is an achievement the GOP can look at and nod their heads in pride over.

What next for House Republicans? Eventually they're going to create a quantum state where ideas of their simultaneously fail at the very moment of their inception. What this will mean for the world of theoretical physics is unclear, but it will prove Heisenberg's LOLFail Principle correct. Well done.

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