Friday, October 24, 2008

Notes from the human potentialist movement

ABC News delves further into the naughty bits of the sex scandal surrounding Congressman Tim Mahoney (D-FL), who apparently is a raving, mean-spirited pussy hound of the highest order. Not only was he bedding multiple women for various reasons, he was making some rather interesting demands of his female staff...
The settlement was reached after Allen hired a lawyer who sent the Congressman a "demand" letter, listing specific examples of Mahoney's alleged "gross misconduct" and "stalking" including:

"a) Calling Allen late in the evenings and demanding "phone sex;"

b) Demanding that Allen answer his calls or face termination;

c) Demanding that Allen attend fundraisers and "tease c-ck" to bring in more donations from the male members of the public;

d) Demanding that Allen engage in sexual conduct with another woman for his enjoyment."
Think the secretary who drafted the letter on behalf of Allen's attorney got through without laughing? I bet he/she kept a copy. I would. Normally you have to shell out ten bucks for a trashy trade paperback if you want to read shit like this.

Be sure to listen to the tape hosted on ABC's site.

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