Friday, October 24, 2008

Newtie's got satirists in his sights

Newt Gingrich: Sarah Palin SNL Skits "Slander,"
"This is a kind of deliberate, vicious, dishonest, total distortion of who Governor Palin is, including, by the way, the Saturday Night Live skits, some of which I think were slander and worthy of a lawsuit," the former Speaker of the House said. "I think the America people should realize that the elite media on the left is so desperate to elect Barack Obama that the view they're giving you of Sarah Palin is fundamentally a falsehood."
When satire is outlawed.....only outlaws will have satire. Look Newt, I appreciate the pathetic depths to which you'll sink to fecklessly self-flagellate about the "elite media", which apparently means sketch comedy shows. Aside from the same level of sketch satire about every candidate gets if SNL has someone who can do the impression, what was it the media did to her? Point out the myriad of false statements? Ask questions a High School class VP should be ready for? The devastating "could you be more specific" follow up? Allow her to talk uninterrupted without breaking in to stop the madness?

But hey, Tina Fey doing a voice with a slightly augmented set of her own glasses is slander. I'm sure the lawsuit is imminent. A class action suit comprising of every political figure ever, a land shark, driving cats, and the makers of little chocolate donuts for irreparable harm done by a mostly funny sketch show over a period of decades. I'm sure this will retroactively make McCain President and restore the dignity you lost when Chris Farley made fun of you all those times back when you were relevant. I can't imagine the lawsuit you've planned for Jon Stewart.

I'm sure you'll finally work your way down to us for our vicious slander of the Holy Ghost, biscuit themed minor league franchises, Ben Bernanke, and Krang. We'll have already taken the cyanide pills, no one takes us alive! Our slander will go unpunished!

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