Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain ditches his election night celebration

McCain Campaign Limits Press Access For Election Night
Republican John McCain is not going to make his election night remarks in the traditional style _ at a podium standing in front of a sea of campaign workers jammed into a hotel ballroom...the Republican presidential nominee plans to address another group of supporters and a small group of reporters on the hotel lawn; his remarks will be simultaneously piped electronically to the party inside and other reporters in a media filing center, aides said.

Aides said Thursday that the arrangement was the result of space limitations and that McCain might drop by the election watch party at some other point.
A candidate skipping his own 'celebration' bash, has that ever happened before? Space limitations? Space is so limited the candidate can't get in? Sure. Look, I wouldn't want to be there either. It'll have all the excitement of a funeral. Who would want to be around that dirge, your supporters wincing harder and harder as each new state is called for Obama. The mood turns black as Montana is called for Obama. By the time the California results comes in some junior staffer runs to the middle of the floor and commits ritual seppuku while yelling "the Islamic theocracy will never take me alive!" Do you really think McCain will want to walk out to that scene to point out that he called Obama to concede at 7:30?

Frankly with recent ASU and Mason-Dixon polls putting the Arizona race within 6 points and closing the night could have an even grimmer turn. Arizona gets called for Obama and the press rushed to McCain's bus to get a reaction. All they can hear is weeping, then a flash of light and the sound of a muffled gunshot from the back of the Straight Talk Express. Ah well, I hear he'll miss a hell of a bash. Cocktail franks, shrimp cocktails, and all the Bud you can drink.

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