Friday, November 20, 2009

The President can make a catch over the middle

How powerful is the NFL? They can convince the President that it's a good idea to star in a nationally run commercial where he's shown doing something athletic in slow motion. "Nah Barry, that won't make you look awkward at all."

What's with our supposed "all-world safety" there? Not only does Troy let a middle-aged, cigarette smoking Muslim socialist get inside position and burn him off the snap, he doesn't even see the hook and ladder play coming. "Elite", my ass.

And running the hook and ladder? "Barry is it is it OK if we show you running a gimmick play that basically symbolizes last ditch hopelessness and throwing all your eggs into a basket in the desperate hope that a miracle occurs and you rally to tie? It's not a metaphor for anything you're attempting politically, we swear."

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