Monday, November 23, 2009

Cheap Blogging Crutch 11.23

The Fall of Greg Craig
I try not to get too mad at the Obama Administration, I do. I mean there's only so much they can do when ramming their head up against the unending juvenile idiocy of the world's greatest deliberative body. But then again...there's all that war on terror stuff they do that riles the bile back up. Take the case of White House counsel Greg Craig. Or should I say former White House counsel Greg Craig. Why is he a "former" and not a "current" because he made the dumb ass mistake of trying to do his job according to the principles Barry ran on; like not being so fucking secretive. But what sounds good when you're running doesn't sound as good when you have the power, plus it clashed with what Rahm Emanuel preferred. So now we do basically all the same shit the Bush Administration did and Craig has the word "former" attached to his job title. Isn't life grand?

Future Perfect
Newsweek's article on Iran and how the clerical establishment is sick of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and is unlikely to ever appoint a Supreme Leader again. Boy, you make a guy the religious dictatorial authority of an entire country and then he just goes and abuses it by acting like a religious dictator. Who would have ever thought that would happen? I'm sure their new system of being ruled by a group of religious dictator assholes with designs on being the sole asshole in charge will work out much better.

Best of What's New 2009: The Year's 100 Greatest Innovations
Popular Science bring us it's list of the year's 100 greatest inventions. From bombproof wallpaper, to giant ass plasma TV's, privately built and launched rockets, and electromagnetic depression helmets, it's a cornucopia of altruistic items from benevolent scientists. *sighs* When is someone going to invent a death ray or giant robot with crushing gripper claws? Another year another disappointing showing from our mad scientist community. For shame.

Conservative media frequently accuse progressives of "raping" Americans
If there's one thing that right wing commentators love more than telling their audiences that some law some Democrats wants is going to kill them, its telling them that some law some Democrat ones is going to kick in their door and rape the shit out of them. Media Matters took it upon themselves to catalog just a few of the rape references that the Beck and Limbaugh's of the world (actually it's really just those two doing it) like to dredge up when the vile spectre of cheaper health care rears it's head. Oddly enough, want to know what one of the things that isn't like rape to them? Actual rape. Classy as always, gentlemen.

Should We Laugh? Cry? Both?

Jon Cohn of the New Republic offers up one of the many treatises you'll read in he upcoming weeks about how even though the entire process has been and will continue to be infuriating, there's still a lot of good that will come of the bill and it isn't all bad. I'm not convinced. I think I prefer the arguments of my good friend the honorable Jack Daniels: drink more happy juice, forget sadness, sleep. Ahh Jack, you always do put things in perspective.

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