Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brand marketing

Like heroin and love Twilight? Actually, strike that. If you are into heroin I'm pretty sure you fall into the 'love' category. Starting again: Love heroin and Twilight? Now you don't have to crudely mash them together, drug dealers have done all the work for you. Yes, if you're in the West Hempstead, long Island area, you too can buy Twilight branded heroin.

So far, only Robert Pattinson appears on the baggies, so those of you who like to shoot smack and are on Team Jacob are just plum out of luck.

I think it's nice that we've found something Twilight related that's more disturbing than, say, a felt womb or a sparkly vampire dildo.

Or is it? I'm going to need a ruling.

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