Friday, July 9, 2010

I kind of want to vote for Mike Weinstein

My recipe for voting is simple: I choose the guy who offends me the least. Barring that, the one who entertains me the most. It helps if they're an out of touch old white guy, who is earnestly trying to connect to "the kids" with "the music" on "the internets".

Such is the case with Republican Mike Weinstein, who is running for the Florida House in District 19. No crazy conversations with dead Presidents. No heavily accented pledges to outlaw the gays followed with bible verses. Just an oddly long song about a candidate, sung by the dancing youth of Florida.

"Hey honey? Kids still like the WHAM!, right? *crooning* Wake me up before you go-go! Or Footloose! I kind of want to do a video like that, only about me. Call up the neighbor's boy, I hear he has a camera."

I think the body popping and twirling dancing youth really express his commitment to *checks site* supporting a no plea deal policy for sexual predators. KEYBOARD SOLO!!!

Seriously, if he pledges to make an album full of this stuff, I'll fly down and work on his campaign.

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