Friday, June 27, 2008

Republican "Not a racist" watch

"John Kerry with a tan."


That's how Republican strategist Grover Norquist decided he wants to label Barack Obama. Thumbs up from me, Grove-dawg! I'm incapable of enjoying anything other than someone else's misery, so I need you guys to lose this election big. More of this please.

But remember everyone: He's not a racist. Because. And stuff.

I guess he thinks pointing out blackness is an electoral winner. Because Barack Obama is, if you haven't heard, a black skinned black guy who is black. Also he's a Muslim, unless you're too smart to believe that, in which case he's a crazy black separtist with a crazy black preacher who is black. BLACK I SAY!

I guess because this ad,

Black House
and this button
Sock Monkey
and this sock concoction

did so much great PR work for them, they really wanted to run full bore into racial overtones as fast as they can.

Anyone want to put odds on when the "N-Bomb" gets dropped? I'm saying early Septemberish, southern state congressman (feels like an Alabama or a Kentucky), GOP closed door fundraiser.

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